Midnight Muse


Darling how was your stay
Was the city as cold as the promises you break?
For the last time I checked it was hot in Moscow and raining in the desert,
But you never believed in the change of the weather
Until you had to take one look at me, get lost in my words and cut yourself on the sharpness of my poems”.


September, on the pavement floor:

I still recall how i gathered my might to hold back the tears

Just like you gathered your stuff to leave

I embraced you as many times as I embraced our predestined goodbye
And kissed you as many times as I called the red flags hanging from your pockets “The last straw”.

Above my contact lenses, I wore glasses that I smeared
every two seconds as i tried to camouflage my ever flowing river of tears
But despite it all , I can’t say that was the first time you blinded me.

January on the bathroom floor:

“Hey, at least, I didn’t allow the pain to take you off guard”.
“Right. Because red alerts given before wars have always made them less of a carnage…”



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