Monsters are real

All these years I let you convince me that I’m weak

When two words from me made you shiver and weep

All this time, I let you associate my silence with the absence of words I have to say to you

What a stupid assumption it is to make

Hunny ,the words of a writer are the only things you can never take

One day, the mirrors you decorate your soul with will break

But for once, I won’t be there to cut myself on their remains

And when you bleed

walking with your bare feet

On broken glass

will you realize at last

the many times I collapsed

Because of you.
Thanks to you,

I now believe that monsters are real

They don’t hide under my bed

Nor just haunt my dreams

But when I open my eyes they don’t disappear
I’ve never stumbled into the arms of the devil
Until I decided to forgive you

How do you expect me to let go

when my very first scar was made by your nails

As you tucked me in bed and told me scary tales

Of unorthodox little girls who misbehaved

I told you I’m not afraid of beasts

And knew you loved me the least

Perhaps my ability to see through you was too clear
… You gave me conditional love

and took it away when ” I acted up”

I’ve not lived one day of peace

Are you  too sadistic to leave?

I pray for your eternal departure

But the lord insists,

that there are still lessons I missed



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