Daily Reminders/ 30 Days of Powerful Positivity

You will never have the opportunity to live this day again.

Have you ever thought about this one sentence? Have you pondered enough about its significance and power? One sentence that has had the power to get me out of bed every morning driven, determined and focused -to start a new beautiful remarkable day- and frankly, a little bit threatened and cautious not to waste any moment.  Let it sink in and feel it wash all over your body, absorb it, re-read it (have it for breakfast) and turn it into your mantra for at least 30 days.

I wonder how many times the earth has to maniacally vibrate beneath your feet before you take action. I wonder how many mornings the sun sends it’s golden rays to awaken you from your slumber as you shut your curtains in disturbance. Behold, the countless nights the moon keeps you company,i illuminating the worries of the day that weigh your soul down,as you dare to say that you’re alone. I truly marvel on the amounts of time the clouds have to absorb your sorrows and rain in solidarity with your pain before you decide to forgive yourself.

I wonder what natural disasters, heartbreaks, and traumas it takes us sometimes to finally be willing to start a new life or most importantly, to think that we are worthy of one.

I wonder if our planes have to fall out of the sky before we to tell people that we love them.


  ✅  A List of things to do before 10 a.m:

1Don’t check your phone or emails for at least an hour and ditch all electronics, fix your bed as soon as you rise, enrich your senses with that strong aroma of coffee and get ready to tackle the day.

2Meditate ✨ and send love to your surroundings, practice gratitude ,and recite your affirmations. Be grateful for the things you have while waiting for the things you want. Bless all the supplies that meet your needs that we often take for granted.

3Hydrate your body💧 : Drink plenty of water.  I like to start my day with some refreshing detox water to cleanse my body out of toxins. It’s so easy and fun to make and i guarantee that it will give you glowing skin and get rid of your belly fat for you. Click here to learn how to make your own colorful energizing detox water.

Detoxing has never looked so good


SELF” + LOVE Yourself 💗 Accept and approve of the person you are and take care of you. No one will love you if you don’t love yourself therefore you will constantly find yourself falling for people who don’t appreciate or value you. You will also be incapable of giving love and receiving it. Feed your body only nourishing foods and beverages, pamper it, respect it, cherish it. Your body will respond to that loving energy flowing within you by giving you vibrant health and well being.


4Make a goal/personal growth diary🌸: Set some goals, stay silent about them, and smash them one by one. Write down your daily and monthly goals on a check list.

5Be one with nature🔆: Spend time with your pets and animals, sit in the sun for 10 minutes and let it shine on your body absorbing vitamin D. Collect flowers to decorate your house and visit your local beach early in the morning for a few hours of serenity and peace of mind.

6Exercise and get your energy flowing🏃 Kick start your morning with some cardio and a high intensity full body workout or dance to your favorite song!

“A positive fulfilling life is my birth right”

7 Remind yourself of what you’re made of💪 : Spend 5 minutes everyday looking into the mirror as you tell yourself what you are and what you’re not. Remember, you are the only person on the face of earth that gets to decide that. In fact, no one else has the right to do so except you. Others’ opinions, ideas, and presumptions of you do not make you who you are ; your opinions are the only ones that matter!


⚡️Power Thoughts and Affirmations (Inspired by Louise Hay and Justin Perry) : 

“Be careful of your self talk , it’s a conversation with the universe” says Justin Perry who is a best selling author and owner of an incredibly beneficial, informative, and beautiful YouTube channel revolving around the Law of Attraction and the proper way to use it to change your life. Visit YouAreCreators  here and i guarantee you, you will never think the same thoughts again.

“I see you vibrant and healthy ,living a life of exquisite beauty , filled with love and laughter. You are on a wonderful pathway of change and growth”.  My all time favorite affirmation said Louise Hay, the author of the international bestseller “You Can Heal Your Life” with more than 50 million books sold worldwide. She is one hell of an inspiring woman.

-“I am worthy of my own love and self acceptance just because I exist not because of anything i do, i don’t need to earn it”.

“I am a magnificent expression of Life”

-“It’s only a thought and thoughts can be changed”

-“Your mind is a garden and whatever you reap in it you shall sow and manifest, whether it is a weed or a seed it will harvest”

-“The world can wait, I come first”

-“Every thought you think and every word you speak is constantly creating your future and shaping your reality ,the universe is always listening

-You are not your parents, you are not your teachers, you are not your friends. You are not their fears or limitations or doubts, you are not even your own fears and limitations and doubts”

“My inner world creates my outer world”


“You are far more than just your body, you are a divine magnificent expression of life”

“I am a piece of the creator, I am connected to the source of divine infinite wisdom and intelligence”

“I celebrate life, love, and abundance everyday and release all anger and resentment and feelings of lack”

“My inner world creates my outer world”

“I only choose thoughts that empower me”


⚡️ Powerful Affirmations to Keep in Your Wallet:


“I see god circulating to me all the money that i give in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment. I release it with joy and it comes back to me multiplied”

“I am a rich child of a loving universe”

“I am safe in the universe and all life loves and supports me, All is well and I am safe”

“My needs are met before i even ask for them”

“Money flows to me from expected and unexpected sources”

“I am wealthy and exuberant,everything i ask for is already mine and has already manifested in my life”

“Money comes to me easily and effortlessly and abundantly “

“Great unlimited wealth is flowing to me now

“Money is never away from me and is an integral part of my life”

“I am naturally motivated to work persistently toward my goals”

“My net worth and bank accounts increase daily”


“I am an excellent receiver and a generous giver”

“I am open and willing to receive huge sums of money”

“It’s okay for me to prosper, i prosper with integrity. There is plenty for everyone”


“I am now accumulating large sums of money and am fully deserving of abundance”

” I see what i want as already accomplished”

“I expect blessings and lavish miracles”

“I am grateful

I am an irresistible magnet to abundance and wealth

I release all resistance to the avalanche of money waiting to flow to me



So there you have it…are you ready for the 30 day challenge? Yes? great!

Raise your hand, repeat after me and remember you are under Oath:

  • I will only speak positively about myself and others for a minimum of 30 days
  • I will never ever say the words ” I want, I need, I lack, I hate” i replace these words with “I already have, i’m going to have soon, and i dislike”
  • I will only speak positively about money
  • I call forth from the sea of infinite possibilities the reality i choose to experience right now
  • I will Act As If everything i want to be i already am, I will speak as it it already is a fact, i will carry myself and talk as if it has already happened.” I will play the role before i even audition”



Sending you positive warm vibes throughout your magnificent days, and wishing you a prosperous healthy life. 

Happy manifesting,

Sarah Awji




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