City of Delusion


“Welcome to the Lands of (chosen) Delusion, we hope you enjoy your stay and your daily encounters of our splendid outdated mentalities and suffocating preposterous traditional norms.

We hope you never attempt to introduce us to new “refreshing” perspectives and approaches to life because the horizon and us are too deeply in love; we are fond of its limiting and restricting vibes. In fact our daily rituals include kneeling down in utmost admiration and consternation of its might.
No, we never think of defying it; we annihilated the option of ever crossing it or of discovering what’s behind our ocean. We like to believe it shields us from danger. What danger? We’re not exactly sure but we sense something appalling in its aura.

You have been severely warned: We will not hesitate to ostracize you if you ever bring up matters of tolerance and acceptance, diversity, love without marriage, freedom of thought and expression, WOMEN RIGHTS, EQUALITY, EQUAL PAY, CELIBACY, HOMOSEXUALITY, SEXUALITY, TRANS-FREAKS, MERIT IN JOB OPPORTUNITIES, SECULARISM,ATHEISM ,INTEGRITY ,and of course our favorite most fascinating taboo, SEX.*

  • The words capitalized indicate their equivalent penalty, you guessed it: Capital Punishment. Your sanction shall not be discussed and shall be executed without a prior trial. Requests for amnesties will be automatically denied.

A quick insight on our daily routine: Our citizens -or as we like to call them, our Conformists– are provided with the finest organic grains of Répression for breakfast.
Then in the Misogynist Square at 5.30 pm ,daily ceremonies are held to properly display and teach Rape Culture. At the end of each day as we tuck ourselves in bed, a collection of Subliminal affirmations is played through the ceiling Telescreens*. The affirmations endorse tales of an egotistical sadistic god and incite horror and aversion of the outer world in citizens.

We take pride in Our Women who aspire to be housewives and are innate competitors. They are attributed by obedience ,submissiveness, and shallowness. We turn them against each other, tell them -clearly- that they are sexual commodities for men who, in return, validate women’s pointless existence. Jobs and Education are prohibited, (obviously!) women are not the alphas of society, men are! We don’t want them to threaten the fragile egos of our men like that by building an independent social status and enjoying financial freedom, what kind of Femi-nazi witchcraft is that! Their job is to look pretty, keep a clean house, and reproduce. Also, they must always be chaste non-sexual creatures.
“You! with the blonde hair in the back, back to the kitchen”.

As for Our Men, we like to equate masculinity with aggression, with stoicism and if men can’t do that they shall treat their like emotions are dead. Men are sexual instinctive beings that need to fulfill their desires, thus it’s okay if they cheat or have promiscuous relationships outside of marriage but god forbid any woman ever thinking of that. They refrain from doing any housework, cooking, and nurturing ,for such actions only tarnish their reputation. They mustn’t ever be sensitive or quiet; they must always express their opinion even if it’s unsolicited or irrelevant, even if they don’t have one.
They never take NO for an answer, especially from a woman. “No” usually means “Try harder”.

Our political leaders? We’re glad you asked. They are the reason we are here. Democracy means our power stems out of our remarkable leaders ,they keep us where we are and the masses are nothing without their leaders. We are obliged to re-elect them cyclically even if they continue disappoint us. After all, our blind allegiance and admiration of them is definitely more significant than the greater good of the country.

  • *All tickets to the Lands of Delusion are strictly one way tickets”.

We hope you enjoy your psychological, emotional,and sexual delays in development.

-Sarah Awji



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