To the broken soul I once loved, I forgive you


“What can possibly be harder than realizing that your lover does not say that he loves you anymore?” She said looking at me with bored narrow eyes

“Watching him force it out of those sweet spicy lips like another burdensome vexing obligation. Then calling him up at the end of a hard long day knowing that his voice, alone, shall compensate for this exhausting stressful week and that his “Hello” will solely shake the earth below your feet and erupt volcanoes inside the deepest valleys of your heart and wrap you up with warm blankets and butterflies, every. single. time! But, instead, you are hit back to earth by the his faint empty Hellos, the lethal silence once you run out of the energy to keep the conversation going and his fleeting almost inexistent anticipation of your calls, then hearing him blame being MIA on ditching that same phone that has not stopped buzzing for the last hour and thirty minutes with texts and missed calls from that girl you always secretly knew about and felt threatened by. That, madam, is enough to bring a woman to her knees.”

“I…I stand corrected”

“It was unfathomable, incomprehensible…inconceivable”


I do recall confrontation hour, It was the same day that I had organised “The Great Mourning” of the demise of my beloved and sent out invitation cards.
The visitors were dressed in ethereal white and were the comfort, light, and armor in the midst of my growing melancholy and for them i am eternally thankful.
Except, i knew that day as I was putting on my black gown that i wouldn’t bear the sight of it in the morning in fact I’d tear it right open after the mourning ends.
What he didn’t know was that this assembly was not to declare my end, it was to announce his.
You know i would never write a cliché sad tale of love and loss nor a tale of my destruction and degeneration right? Love, you think I’d grant you that much satisfaction? Think again, and enjoy reading.

It was only then that I had fallen out of love with you.

Yes, it wasn’t after I found out the various creative ways that you employed to cheat on me, it was not after you made me cry for the first time like a child when i told you that i missed you





“I heard you guys broke up” a former friend of mine said after i asked her to check on you
“Yes we did. It was either I get my life together or stay in a relationship with her and I chose my life TOBEHONEST”.

And just like that…
I watched myself suffocate on the sweet rich lies uttered by a relentless inherently dirty mouth. I saw us in hindsight and lamented the sacrifices, the wasted time and the trouble I constantly got myself in for him in vain.
I opened my palms that to my surprise, were bleeding out all the venom that I carried since the last time your hand held mine for i hadn’t washed my hands since then. You were in my veins.
You had infiltrated my soul, my mind, and body and letting you go was not another goodbye; It was a full on rain storm, Insomniac nights marked by what I call “Depression season”
It was a compulsory detox,
An automatic thorough cleansing that I had no part or say in

but it was also life changing …I was revolutionized, and i owe it all to you.

“Oh come on, Sarah! You’re not supposed to care, remember?” She said to me after i attempted to camouflage the pain -that knocked me senseless- with sarcasm.
My thoughts were too loud I couldn’t for the life of me formulate an answer…Instead I watched the raging wars in my mind turn into poetry


182.62 days passed and nothing haunts me more than these two questions:
“How come he had two different choices when I could only have one?
How does he have the audacity to choose his life over me when I named him My Life?
And didn’t I have a life of my own? Why didn’t i leave you to find it? Truth is that I was capable of lifting both of us simultaneously. In fact, i lovingly and unquestionably lifted you and your mountains and inhaled the signature chemical smell that reeked out of you  and wore it like it was my favorite designer french perfume with a damn smile on my face as i performed my natural “duty”.
But when it was finally time for us to switch roles you complained that the pebbles in my pockets were getting too heavy and out of control for you to handle. After all, you didn’t like how much they weighed you down.

“So the question is , do you still hate him now?”

Dear broken soul, I forgive you

in fact i worry about you

for whoever made your heart cold and bruised you

for whoever belittled your ambitions and tore your heart open,

obviously triumphed over you

you did not only become that person you became 10 times more heartless and dangerous than he/she could have ever been

I worry you will never heal

I watched you become your past and let it define you, and that sir, is where i draw the line

that is what makes us different

for I will never be you.
I forgive you and I like to believe that it was “nothing personal”
I like to believe that no emotionally sane man, possessing a full functioning brain, chooses to willingly destroy the only person stupid enough to befriend his demons

I forgive you because forgiveness is a gift to myself

Because forgiveness melts away your power

and I …will never be you.

Sincerely, Sarah Awji



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