Let Love, Let Life, Let Color

Of days spent in seclusion
I welcomed the arrival of one hell of an evolution
Broke the locks and restrictions
Futile are all their prescriptions

Let the seven winds sweep me off my feet
Lifting me gracefully
Soak my feet in stardust and my hands in pink sticky glitter
Mark my glory days starting from this very moment
Fill my ears with the birds’ symphonies
Drench my senses in this overwhelming freshness

Conceal my scars with gold stars and epiphanies
Dethrone January and declare me the queen
Crown me with sunflowers and rose petals
Not too long now till I build my empire

Lead this soaring heart to where its destined
For its path has never been clandestine
To pink skies, palm trees and a long awaited vacation
Heres to a rejuvenating summer
And marvelous creations

Let the sun in,
Let love
Let life
Let color,
Let’s stand a little taller

A perpetual uninterrupted sanctuary
Compensating for every January
Powered by inner peace and forgiveness
And the sole fabrication of the pigment of my imagination

Dauntless, fed up ,and threateningly focused,
I painted until my fingers bled
a glowing portrait screaming with life and colour
to prove to myself and all the souls that pled For a vacation
that our minds do infact
fabricate stupendous creations.

* Too often we choose to suffer from our thoughts instead of turning them into our wonderfully obedient servants. So before you pack your bags and attempt to be another fugitive to the world, make sure you have achieved mental peace and clarity.
I hope tonight you choose to fall in love, one more time, with this ~vicious~ beautiful world

I hope you decide to put on your ever fashionable rose colored glasses, for the best advice I was given is that : “Life is 10% what is given to you and 90% what you make out of it”.

– Sarah Awji


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