—A poem dedicated to battling Anxiety

What once broke me has become fierce
Garnished with bloodshot eyes and ears
And a mouth that feeds off my fears
attached to it is a wide unapologetic screen
my mistakes it doesn’t preen
But collectively displays,
watches, and prevails
“The Ludicrous Fall of the Strong”
Chanting its diabolical song
It’s quite opinionated truth be told,
Sophisticated misery i behold
Oblivious to its might,
i presume it cannot increment in size
Only to know
I’m up for a show
As the curtains unfold,
My endurance I’ve sold.

Darling, who will catch you at the bottom of the pit?
How many treacherous slippery hands are you willing to fit
Before you grab your own
And witness your glorious dawn

Frail soul, toughen up
Pick up your sword and buckle up
For your battle is as long as you desire
So put on your battlefield attire
And conquer what broke you.

Don’t satisfy it through validation
It’s your reincarnation!

– Sarah Awji


2 thoughts on “Reincarnation

  1. I loved this poem. I notice that you aspire to be an attorney. I practiced law for 25 years, but have suffered from anxiety longer than that. Corny as it may sound, I felt that God had placed a sword in my hand when I found my calling.

    The legal profession — litigation, at any rate — generates anxiety, even in those not prone to it by temperament or thrust in that direction by childhood abuse. Ethically, however, we are required to protect clients against our shortcomings. Just something to keep in mind.

    Wishing you all the best,


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    1. Wow! I’m so glad this poem of mine reached out to someone experiencing Anxiety, this is exactly why i wrote it.
      First, i’m very glad to meet you and i hope you stick around for more.
      Second, I too have suffered from anxiety in the past but as that poem reveals,i managed to conquer it. However if i want to be completely transparent ,i believe that one can never truly vanquish anxiety. A small part of it always remains with you…I guess it’s simply a matter of learning how to control it and deal with it and better,turn it into a fuel that drives you.
      I’m quite aware that the legal profession can in fact be hectic and stressful, i mean law school is not exactly a place of serenity but i have made it because i’m quite used to stress and the pressure.
      Thank you so much for reading, i hope you come back to this poem whenever you feel weak and i hope it helps get you back up!
      P.s: if i can do it, anyone can!
      Good luck in your career,
      Best regards, Sarah.


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